Frequently Asked Questions

Can you do curbside pickup?

- YES, We can take your order by phone,give a credit card, we can get it together, we will process for it , call you back to let you know it is ready, then you can call us at store 414-762-3010 when you have arrived, and we can put it in your car. So no need to come into building.

How many cups are in a barrel of beer?

- Look at Keg Sizes page

Do you rent CO2 tanks?

- No, but the Beverage Equipment Company next door may be able to help you out

    Do you fill CO2 tanks?

- Yes, as long as they are in date

If I am looking for a product you normally do not carry, can you order it for me?

- Yes, you will either need to call or come in and fill out a special order form

Do you sell gift certificates? 

- Yes

Do you rent tappers and tubs?

- Yes, each have a $30 deposit, which you get back once you return it, and a $1 rental fee